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DasMalwerk.eu - FAQ

What is the password?

infected is the industry standard password for malware samples

Are all the files on this site malicious?


How do I run the malware?

Check the file type using the file command and rename the file extention accordingly

Can you provide me with more malware than what is avaiable from your site?

No, sorry

I'm looking for a certain malware. Can you help me find it?

No. If you have a file name or checksum, then malwr.com is a much better alternative than our site.

The malware won't run. What did I do wrong?

Successfully running malware is a tricky business. There is no standard road to success. Do your research, it's worth it.

Do you have any Android malware?

Probably not. But to be honest, we don't know. All we do is gather all sorts malware automatically and that can be anything.

Can you help me with my malware research project for school/university/silly doctor's hat?

No. There's a good reason to why you should figure that stuff out on your own.