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"malware samples" "virus download" and "where can I find live malware". . . . . yes I googled all of them and came up with nothing useful.

Working the field of computer security I've spent countless of hours wrestling most types of malware. And while I've managed to sort out most of the malware messes I've encountered, they always left me with a "I should be better prepared next time" kind of feeling.

But I had no idea where to start. Because while eicar test virues and that six year old conficker binary you dissected in an overpriced malware training session sometime ago are a great start, there's no substitute to banging your head against the real thing.

Anti-malware skills come at a price. And the price is usually a lot of relevant practice. I created DasMalwerk.eu to continuously provide you with fresh malware. The daily zip-file aims to serve you a batch of malware ranging from annoying adware to bank trojans and beyond.

Robert Svensson